FEJÉR Design And Engineering Ltd.

The main activity of FEJÉR Design and Engineering Ltd. is architectural engineering, i.e. the provision of high-rise construction planning tasks. Our additional activities include the provision of other engineering services, project management, investment and real estate development professional activities, and overall general planning tasks.

Fenstherm Future Ltd.

Fenstherm Future Zrt. is the more than 20-year-old manufacturer of Fenstherm doors and windows, but it is more than a window manufacturing company. As Hungary's largest window manufacturer, it monitors the changes in construction industry and interior design trends and offers innovative solutions to both private customers and investment, planning and construction companies working on project implementation. Its products include plastic and aluminum windows, doors, and curtain walls. The motto of Fenstherm Future Zrt. is to deliver door and window solutions for emerging needs, at a favorable price, planned for the long term.


Founded in 1992, our 100% Hungarian-owned family business has now developed into a company group with 11 locations covering the entire territory of the country. We want to offer our partners the best, both in terms of the quality of the products we sell and the level of services. We develop our product range based on customer needs. Our suppliers include the best domestic and international manufacturing companies. Our offer now extends beyond materials for modern dry construction trades to traditional and special structural construction products.


EURO GENERÁL's main field of activity is various construction works, complete construction of office buildings, halls (from design to turnkey handover), construction of stores, schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, banks, public benefit offices, renovation of historic buildings, heating system modernization works, execution of energy development works, and utilization of renewable energy sources (installation of solar collectors). Our company is a 100% Hungarian-owned enterprise.

SZ-PLAST Window Ltd.

The SZ-PLAST window and door manufacturing activity was started in Szeged in 1997 by the company group, and this activity has been operating as a separate company since 2013, at the same location. Our current activity is the production, distribution and installation of plastic, aluminum and steel doors and windows, as well as price-cutting technical accessories, garage doors (windows, doors, balcony doors, curtain walls, glass walls, conservatories, shutters, mosquito nets, garage doors, etc.); in addition to all of these, we provide products that are outside of our company's range of products in order to provide a complex service, adapting to individual customer needs, involving subcontractors and commercial products as necessary.

Witzing Tüzépker Ltd.

Witzing Tüzépker Ltd. is a Hungarian-owned company that was founded in 1991. The stability and continuous development of the company is reflected in the fact that nowadays we are available to our customers not only in 6 locations that satisfy all needs, but also in several of our stores. In addition to our 30-year professional experience, our professional knowledge of building materials, our unique offers, favorable prices, and the continuous expansion of our high-quality services, we help those building and renovating their homes with expert advice. The more than 100,000 products and our personalized solutions allow everyone to create the most optimal home according to their ideas, possibilities and tastes, and to find the most optimal product.