Rézhegy Eco Villapark

Live and go on holiday at one place!

At the foot of Vértes, peaceful, green environtment suitable for relaxing, near attractions and with accessible infrastructure!

In one of the 51 high-quality, modern family houses of different sizes, built with energy-efficient mechanical systems, with content corresponding to AA+ building energy classification on hillside plots of 900-1000 m2 each!

The safety, continuity and quailty of the implementation are served by the fact that we are the investors, contractors and also the sellers.

This is what we are offering in the scenic surroundings of Alcsútdoboz, in Rézhegy Eco Villapark.


Alcsútdoboz is located at the foot of Vértes, on the left bank of the upper section of the Vál Valley.The striking beauty of the natural and geographical environment provides an ideal space for the construction of the family houses, of the Eco Villapark. The goal we set is to build high-quality family houses of different sizes and designs on the plots of the Rézhegy Eco Villapark. An excellent choice for those who seek a quiet place to live close to nature.